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You Call This A Kale Salad?

Gender’s a Construct??? So Is Your Mom. Also, What’s a Construct?

The Algorithm Clearly Hates Straight, White Men Cause I Know it’s Not My Content

ADVICE: Work Hard, Play Hard, Shit Hard

The Motherfaulkner

Babar's Author Archive Reveals Hundreds of Children's Stories Where the Mother is Murdered

Biographer's Memoir Rich Tapestry of Other People's Lives

Feminist or Murderer? Husband Urges Wife To Read 'The Awakening'

Random House To Publish Jack Torrance's Book, "All Work and No Play"

Hemingway's Ex Faked Feeling the "Earth Move Beneath Them"

Elizabethan Lady Reveals She Can Hear Your Aside

Looking For A Partner In Crime

Dear Joe, You Were Replaced by a Jew

The Birds n the Bees Talk in 2050

Letter from Vaseline: "We’re Not Just For Your Anus Anymore"

Buddhist Dirty Talk

The Accountant’s Guide to a Happy Life

Hello, I’ll Be Your Waiter This Evening

I’m in Love with the Next Bachelorette, Whoever She Is

I Always Thought Money Would Make Me Happy

From Freud: My Oedipal Complex Theory is just a theory!

How to Create Huge Poops in 3 Days

My Unconscious Gives the Worst Advice

I Am a Toothpaste Executive Creative and I’m Ready to Kill

A Letter From Aliens: Why we probe you

The Nation’s Top 1% Has Nothing On Me

My LinkedIn Connections Are Blocking My Human Potential

Hotel California Narrator Bores His Friend

Letter from Sephora to Employees: Dear Sephora Employees

A Female Interrogators Account of Her Time at Guantanamo Bay: Don’t Keep Me at ‘Bay

How to Try to Write a Screenplay in 30 Days

I’m a Proud Vegan Right-Wing Republican


In Limbo (Reedsy Story of the Week - 8/17/18)

World’s Greatest Mom

Change is Gonna Come My Way

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